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Rainbow Pop! Nonpareil Sprinkles Dye-Free

Rainbow Pop! Nonpareil Sprinkles Dye-Free

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Rainbow bubbles, dots and dashes -- it's that tearing off the wrapping paper kinda feeling, trapped inside the healthiest sprinkles around.

We love Rainbow Pop! for its bright, plant-based hues, instagrammable shapes, and clean ingredients. Our blend features mega-and-mini dots, plus white sugar strands, resulting in a blend with more oomph and zsa zsa than anything else out there. Featuring zero confectioner's glaze, color from spirulina, turmeric and other plant-based sources, and 100% vegan and natural ingredients.

Please note: Supernatural products are formulated without Top-10 Allergens, but are packaged in a non-dedicated facilities where cross-contamination from these allergens can occur.

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