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Conscious Chocolate

Chocolate Brazils Raw Organic Snack

Chocolate Brazils Raw Organic Snack

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Conscious Organic, Vegan and Raw Coated Chocolate Brazil nuts is the ultimate in snacking! These crunchy Bolivian brazil nuts are covered in a gorgeous coating of 66% dark rich creamy chocolate for snacking heaven! Our Cacao is from Peru and blended for longer for a creamier taste which will have you reaching for more! Cacao products from Peru, coconut blossom sugar from Indonesia, coconut oil from the Philippines, carob from Spain , brazil nuts from Bolivia,, cinnamon from Madagascar and sea salt from Israel.

Ingredients: Coconut blossom sugar (23%), cacao butter, cacao powder, coconut oil, carob, brazil nuts, cinnamon, sea salt*. Cacao solids 62% minimum. (*Allowable non-organic ingredient)

Soy Free
Certified Organic

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